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Our 50/50 ticket sellers raise money for local athletes

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PHOTO: The 50/50 draw for the final game of the Rangers in 2018 was the biggest one to date of their 2018/2019 season. Jason Quirk is shown with his cheque for $14,202.  The draw featured an offer of 100 tickets for $20 --- a holiday special! (Dec. 28, 2018 photo by Lori Becker). 

Congratulations to Jason and thanks to all those who helped us support local minor athletes through the purchase of the 50/50 tickets.


A 50/50 draw is held at Kitchener Rangers home games throughout the season and playoffs. Proceeds from the draws are used to support local minor athletes, sports groups, and charities.

Special thanks go to all the volunteer sellers for their efforts and to the Kitchener Rangers organization for letting us be part of the best show around.  The needs of the local sporting community continue to escalate so we appreciate the ongoing support from the hockey fans at the games.

Thanks for supporting our draw and congratulations to those fortunate enough to share the proceeds! 

See where the money has gone over the years. 

Specifics on our 50/50 draws effective for the 2018/19 are the same as for last season. Purchasers must be 18 years of age (or older).

The draw is being run utilizing electronic terminals and updated "live" pot tabulations.Ticket prices for this season are $5 (3 entries), $10 (10 entries), or $20 (50 entries).  Each purchase includes a selection of computer-generated numbers.  Tickets are sold before each Rangers home game until just before the end of the second intermission. The winning number will be drawn during the early part of the third period and announced through the public address system at the Kitchener Auditorium as soon thereafter as time and play permit. The prize can be claimed until the end of the game at the Boston Pizza Fan Servives Office (behind section #3 on the main course) by the East Avenue entrance. The prize may be claimed up to 6 months following the draw.

If you need help, please contact the draw coordinator (Rick Weinstein  at Winning numbers will also be posted on the Kitchener Sports Association website ( The Ontario Problem Gaming Helpline number is 1-888-230-3035     

Winners of the Rangers 50/50 draw for the 2018/19 season



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Exh   No draws held na na na na
1   Flint Sept 21 121735 $7,765 Karl Durham
2   Ottawa Sept 28 485506 $7,000 Paul Rutledge
3   Saginaw Oct 5 488471 $6,610 Andrew Miller
4   Sudbury Oct 7 191070 $4,402 Matt Soroka
5   Guelph Oct 19 470058 $7,715 Anthony Driever
6   St Ste Marie Oct 26 540838 $7,247 Joe Baumann
7   Guelph Oct 30 314587 $5,455 Bryce Keeble
8   Windsor Nov 2 335022 $7,355 Wendy Chvertkin
9   London Nov 4 369483 $5,982 Brad Buschlen
10   Sarnia Nov 9 245779 $7,500 Dave Futher
11   Saginaw Nov 16 266286 $7,220 Roman Teska
12   Sarnia Nov 20 149206 $5,055 Garry Mitchell
13   Erie Nov 23 164007 $6,760 Ross Weirmier
14   Niagara Nov 30 464776 $6,847 Jayne Caprara
15   North Bay Dec 7 586901 $6,730 Brian Dubien
16   Kingston Dec 9 376094 $5,055 Cheryl Heighington
17   Oshawa Dec 11 271291 $7,005 Melody Schlesinger
18   Barrie Dec 28 125113 $14,202 Jason Quirk
19   Peterborough Jan 1/2019 323151 $6,440 Matthew Dickson
20   Owen Sound Jan 4 550283 $7,717 Trevor Roberts
21   Guelph Jan 11 411538 $9,175 Paul Kuntz
22   London Jan 13 444323 $6,817 Dillon Williams
23   Windsor Jan 18      
24   Owen Sound Jan 20      
25   Flint Jan 25      
26   Owen Sound Feb 1      
27   Hamilton Feb 8      
28   Erie Feb 12      
29   St Ste Marie Feb 22      
30   Mississauga Feb 24      
31   London March 1      
32   Guelph March 3      
33   Erie March 8      
34   Owen Sound March 15      
    Thanks Rangers!    Thanks fans!   Local athletes!

Photos of some of last year's 50/50 draw winners.


      If you have a winning ticket you can claim your prize during the game at the location announced -- or within 6 months thereafter, but why wait? Please ask for assistance if uncertain where to claim your prize -- the Boston Pizza Fan Services Office behind section #3 -- or how best to get there.

     You must be at least 18 years old, have the actual stub, and submit it, to claim the prize.  In case of clerical error, the official number(s) as announced at the Rangers game are the only one(s) for which prize(s) will be awarded.  This listing is historical.

     In compliance with regulations and in an effort to ensure that each prize is claimed, specific claiming procedures must be followed as announced and/or posted at each specific event. Please claim the prize as soon as possible!

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