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PHOTO: Winner of the first KSA 50/50 draw for the KW Titans 2017/18 season (Back row: L-R) Bernie Strauss (KSA), Chad McBride (winner of the $900 prize), Rick Weinstein (KSA), a friend joining Chad and, in front, Kyle (Rick's grandson) Nov. 18, 2017



A 50/50 draw was held at all KW Titans home games throughout the season (and playoffs). Proceeds from the draws is used to support local minor athletes, sports groups, and charities. Have a great summer Titans and basketball fans!


Special thanks go to all the volunteer sellers for their efforts and to the KW Titans for allowing us to be part of their home-game events again. The needs of the local sporting community continue to escalate so we appreciate the opportunity to seek additional support from local basketball fans at the games.

Thanks for supporting our draw and congratulations to those fortunate enough to share the proceeds! 

See where the money has gone over the years. 

Specifics on the KSA 50/50 draw at KW Titans games for th 2017/18 season. 

As for last year's Titans games, ticket prices were $2 each, 3 for $5, or 7 for $10 with each individual ticket perforated to yield 3 separate draw entries each with its own individual chance to win.  Tickets were sold before each Titans home game until just before the end of the half-time intermission (unless sold out prior to then). The winning number was drawn during the early part of the third quarter and announced from the public address system at the Kitchener Auditorium.  Unlike this year's Rangers draw, this draw was still operating under section 5.2.1 (f) of the Ontario Lottery Licensing Manual which means that the purchaser must be present at the draw in order to collect his or her prize.

Winners of the KW Titans 50/50 for the 2017/18 season


   ...... VS  ......   

.... DATE ...


 .. PRIZE ..


1 Windsor Nov 18 23873 $900 Chad McBride
2 Halifax Nov 28 25598 $300 Dayna Ahrens
3 St Johns Dec 13 26824 $390 John Given   
4 London Dec 26 27182 $505 Brenda Thompson
5 Niagara Dec 28  28124 $542 Jonathan Amorim
6 Windsor Dec 31 28801 $609 Don Hewitt
7 Niagara Jan 6/18 29881 $442 Jonathan Amorim
8 St Johns Jan 16 NO DRAW **** KIDS' DAY
9 Moncton Jan 17 30756 $430 Andrew Drake
10 Niagara  Jan 20 31514 $440 Chris White
11 Cape Breton Jan 24  32471 $415 Christine Vera
12 London  Feb 19 32607 $1,016 Ian Cameron
13  St Johns Feb 21  34112 $330 Bryce Mason
14 Windsor Feb 24 35108 $488 Elizabrth Wilcox
15 Island Storm March 13 27822 $660 Menahem Etich
16 Saint John March 14 35688 $470 Tanya Foster
17 London March 18 364000 $585 Chris Dinsmore
18 St Johns March 21 37335 $480 Chris Gavin
19 London March 27 38019 $380 Adam Gerber
20 Windsor March 31 38109 $682 Chad McBride
  That's it for this season!..       Have a great summer!


Photos of some of the recent 50/50 draw winners.


      If you have a winning ticket you have to claim your prize during the game at the location announced within the announced time-frame. To minimize delay, please ask for assistance if uncertain where to claim your prize or how best to get there.

     You must have the actual stub, and submit it, to claim the prize.  In case of clerical error, the official number(s) as announced at the Titans game are the only one(s) for which prize(s) will be awarded.  This listing is historical. All prizes were claimed.

     In compliance with regulations and in an effort to ensure that each prize is claimed, specific claiming procedures must be followed. The official claiming procedure is announced at each game and involves a defined time-frame (approximately 12 minutes on the game clock), commencing when the winning number is announced at the start of the 3rd quarter, during which the prize must be claimed.  If no one presents the winning ticket within the allocated time then a new "winning" number will be drawn (thereby voiding the previous number) with a new claiming time-frame.  This notice is only a guideline as details announced at a specific game govern that draw. Note that, due to different regulations, the claiming procedure for these "manual" draws is different than the regulations applicable to the "electronic" draws now being held at the Rangers games. Rules and procedures will be reviewed for future seasons.


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