The KSA Titans 50/50 Draw

Sorry to say, the season is over.

Updated Sunday May 5, 2019 by Kitchener Sports Association.


PHOTO:  Winner! Winners! David waited until the end of the game to come and check his tickets --- no one else had claimed the prize, so his chances were good --- and, surprise, he won the largest 50/50 prize we've ever had at a Titans game! Equally happy, Kate and David Schooley left the Aud with the winner's cheque for $1,575. Rob Lanteigne, seller of the winning ticket joined the couple ... for the photo op! Congratulations to repeat-winner David and, on behalf of local athletes, thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.  (Photo by Gord Dearborn, April 11, 2019)) 



A 50/50 draw is being held at all KW Titans home games throughout the season (and playoffs). Proceeds from the draws are used to support local minor athletes, sports groups, and charities. Enjoy the games! 

Special thanks go to all the volunteer sellers for their efforts and to the KW Titans for allowing us to be part of their home-game events again. The needs of the local sporting community continue to escalate so we appreciate the opportunity to seek additional support from local basketball fans at the games.

Thanks for supporting our draw and congratulations to those fortunate enough to share the proceeds! 

See where the money has gone over the years

Specifics on the KSA 50/50 draw at KW Titans games for th 2018/19 season. 

New for 2018/19:  The electronic system, price structure, rules and regulations this season are exactly the same as those in use at the Kitchener Rangers games. Purchasers must be 18 years of age (or older).

The draw is being run utilizing electronic terminals and updated "live" pot tabulations.Ticket prices for this season are $5 (3 entries), $10 (10 entries), or $20 (50 entries).  Each purchase includes a selection of computer-generated numbers.  Tickets are sold before each Titans home game until the commencement of the 3rd quarter with the winning number drawn as soon as possible (early in the 3rd quarter) and announced through the public address system at the Kitchener Auditorium as soon thereafter as time and play permit. The prize can be claimed until the end of the game at the Boston Pizza Fan Servives Office (behind section #3 on the main course) by the East Avenue entrance. (Note: The winner may claim the prize up to 6 months following the draw.)

If you need help, please contact Rick Weinstein ( Winning numbers will also be posted on the Kitchener Sports Association website ( The Ontario Problem Gaming Helpline number is 1-888-230-3035     

Winners of the KW Titans 50/50 for the 2018/19 season


   ...... VS  ......   

.... DATE ...


 .. PRIZE ..


1 Sudbury Nov 18 119978 $805 Unclaimed
2 Windsor Nov 22 468132 $365 Melissa Chavarria
3 Sudbury Dec 13 489373 $657 Jacob Daniel Bird
4 Sudbury Dec 23 339990 $700 Joel Eidt
5 Windsor  Jan 5/2019  161065 $620 Erin Kurpe
6 Moncton Jan 6 467927 $882 Dion Singleton
7 St John Riptide Jan 10 434251 $565 Dean McIntyre
8 Cape Breton Jan 15 No draw na school day
9 London Jan 17 317071 $772 Margaret Burnett
10 Windsor  Jan 19 271332 $1,037 Brian Bartlett
11 Island Storm Jan 24  588356 $792 Jeremy Rollins
12 Sudbury Jan 31 232006 $525 David Schooley
13  Sudbury  Feb 2  282159 $680 Cathy McConnell
14 Windsor Feb 3 329900 $525 Allison Bourke
15 Cape Breton  Feb 10 212633 $1,400 Lisa Desideri
16 Sudbury  Feb 18  361202 $1,410 Chris McKeough
17 St John's Feb 23 279465 $1,217 Don Kuepfer
18 Halifax March 10 499835 $1,427 Linda Logozny
19 London March 16 248861 $1,127 Matt Jiminez
20 Moncton March 23 446102 $1,285 Andrea Jantzi
1 - A Playoff /London April 11 507283 $1,575 David Schooley
1 - B Playoff/London April 13 499624 $1,152 Kyle Hudson
2 - A Playoff/St John's April 26 110015 $1,765 James Gittens
2 - B Playoff/St John's April 28 187398 $1,672 Mathew Speers
2 - C

Playoff/St Johns

April 30 178981 $1,457 Stuart Cooke
    That's all --- have a great summer!          

Photos of some of the recent 50/50 draw winners.


      If you have a winning ticket, you have to claim your prize during the game at the announced location (or make suitable arrangements within 6 months of the draw). 

     You must have the actual stub, and submit it, to claim the prize.  In case of clerical error, the official number as announced at the Titans game is the only one for which the prize will be awarded.  This listing is historical. This notice is only a guideline as details announced at a specific game govern that draw. 

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