Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming non-game events.

  • KSA's next dinner: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

    KSA's next dinner meeting is Tuesday, September 20, 2016. By that point, we'll be wishing you all HAD a great summer! -- we don't meet during June, July nor August. We're using the time to enjoy the ball se... More
  • May 17 - Athlete of the Year Award

    May 17 - Athlete of the Year Award for 2015, Mandy Bujold. Congratulations Mandy.
  • April 19 - Scholarship Awards

    April 19 - Scholarship Awards Introduction of our 6 latest recipients. Congratulations one and all!
  • March 15 with Nick Petrelia

    March 15 with Nick Petrelia who spoke from personal experience on "Sports and athletes dealing with mental health issues and potential suicides."‚Äč
  • February 16: Sherry Doiron (Canada Games here?)

    February 16, 2016 Sherry Doiron (Manager, Sports Tourism) filled attendees in on the upcoming Canada Games and what's involved in submitting a bid to host the event. Attendees also learned about Girls Can ... More
  • January 20 with Murray Hiebert

    KSA's January 20 (2016) dinner featured guest speaker Murray Hiebert, General Manager of the Kitchener Rangers. The girls on the Woolwich U14 Soccer team that competed at the Nationals in Newfoundland thanked... More
  • KSA Volunteer Recognition Awards 2015

    KSA's 27th Volunteer Recognition Dinner. In addition to publicly recognizing the volunteers from 28 local minor sports groups, the evening featured a presentation by Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic honouring ... More
  • Welcome to the KSA website

    This site has details of our programs and funding criteria as well as past recipients of KSA funding. Photo: KSA provided $2,000 to Waterloo County Rugby for the expansion of its Youth Development Progra... More
  • We provide funding assistance to local minor athletes, sports groups and charities.

    Founded in 1944 in response to the need for an all-event year-round sports and entertainment facility, KSA has continued on in the community providing funding to local minor athletes and sports groups. Ann... More
  • The KSA 50/50 Draw

    Information on the 50/50 draw - rules, winners and more. With the Rangers' 2016/2017 season on the roll, so too are the 50/50 sellers! Hope you enjoy the games and support local athletes through the purch... More
  • Let's ensure everyone gets to play!

    The KSA Fee-assistance Program was initiated in early 2013 - just in time for the spring registration session. The program provides funding support to local minor sports groups that publicly promote the fa... More
  • 2015 Donations

    KSA donations to local minor sports groups, charities and athletes totaled $144,845
  • 2015 Scholarship Awards

    KSA announced 8 scholarship awards for 2015 and the 8 recipients were dinner guests of KSA. Everyone got to meet Lindsay Kalbfleisch (Miss Oktoberfest KW 2014) and hear some of the interesting things she has... More
  • May 20, 2015 (Athlete of the Year)

    The 17th Annual Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner. The winner (for 2014) is the ice dancing pair - Andrew Poje & Kaitlyn Weaver. Congratulations Andrew and Kaitlyn! The recipients of the KSA Awards of ... More
  • KSA Athletic Excellence Program - Criteria

    KSA's Athletic Excellence Program provides funding assistance to local minor athletes who are competing at the national or international level and have extensive travel, coaching, training and/or equipment ex... More